January 1, 2012

Happy Newness

Happy New Year. 

2012 is THE year!

To say farewell to 2011, we headed to Boise for the day to check out the new aquarium and enjoy a stroll around the zoo (of course).

Last year, I made ONE New Year's Resolution, to simplify my life, and I actually stuck with it.  We have a miracle!  
So, this year, I had all the kids lay in my bed and tell me what they accomplished in 2011 and their 2012 goals:

Braden:  To respect his bro and sis more AND learn how to do a Iron Cross 360 Grab, plus Pull Grab  (I guess it's a ski thing)

Elise:  Cross stitch more and learn how to sew

William:  Sleep in his own bed and learn how to snowboard