January 14, 2012

Calle---our chocolate lab

This is Calle, our 10 year old chocolate lab laying next to Annie last year.

Calle is a sweet, shy, independent dog who is my greatest hiking companion. She lays on her pillow all day, but is ready to run a marathon at any command.  She is the type of dog
who would never leave my side if I got lost of hurt on one of our many hikes.  

Early last week, I got a phone call from our cousins who we use to live across the street from.  She said she found Calle by our old house.  Our old house is about 4 miles away and we moved away two years ago.

This was unlike Calle, but  I assumed she just got lost and somehow ended up at our old house looking for us.  

Five days later, when the kids and I were home all day, I noticed that Calle was missing again.  After 4 hours, I started to get really nervous since Calle usually sticks around the house.  I piled the kids into the car to go on a search mission for her.  

I thought we would check our old house, but doubted that she would return there again.  Yet, when we pulled up to our old street, there was Calle.  Sweet, old Calle---so happy to see us.

She is now grounded to being an indoor dog while we are gone (which I'm sure she loves!). 

 We have a feeling that while Calle's body is still like a puppy, her mind is slowly going and it makes me pretty sad for her.  

How lucky we are to have wonderful pets in our lives.