November 17, 2011

A tale

Once upon a time there was a little princess and a wicked old witch. 

One morning, the little princess came downstairs dressed for school in her leotard and ballet tights.  Since the wicked old witch was really wicked, she told the little princess that she has to put pants on over her tights.  Very upset, the little princess did as she was told in fear that she would be turned into an ogre.

Somehow, throughout the day, the wicked old witch and the little princess never crossed paths at school for their daily mid-day hug.   

During pick up time, out came a happy little princess dressed in JUST a leotard and ballet tights.  The pants were long gone and hidden in her backpack.

The wicked old witch will have her hands full when the little princess is in middle school.

Boarding school, anyone?


eloiza said...

What a beautiful picture and a cute story! She loves her dance outfit. Can't wait to watch her dance next month!