November 6, 2011

The man of mine

*Patrick and I when we lived outside of DC and Baby Braden was in my belly*

I have a husband who watches chick flicks with me (and Dancing with the Stars).

I have a man who never gets tired of taking the family on hikes every single weekend.

I have a man who let me bring home an animal shelter kitten even though we have two big dogs.

I have a man who doesn't mind that I clean and which makes him have to do the cooking every once in awhile (ok, more than that!).

I have a man who has been a State Farm Agent for 2 years now and is kicking some major booty.

Because of his awesomeness, he has "won"many trips since school started. 

September sent him to Napa Valley.

October sent him to Vegas.

November has now sent him fishing for the week about 4 hours from our humble abode.  Gorgeous country!

In a few years, when the kids are older, then I will get to join him on these trips. I can just picture myself in Napa getting a massage and going for a long hike! 

 I'm dreaming big!


eloiza said...

You have a great and very hard working husband Suzanne. You make a great couple. Dream BIG and ain high.