November 28, 2011

Less than a month!

Who's giddy for Christmas?

I am!  I am!

I know that there is still a month away, but that just gives me more days to celebrate.

For family night, we decorated our annual Gingerbread House. I must say that this year was our best one yet. Especially since my meticulous husband took it upon himself to ensure that our house looked as spiffy as can be.  Must impress the neighbors.

 Voila!  Our house.  It has been promised to be devoured during our next family movie night.  


eloiza said...

Love it, Suzanne! Don't eat it yet! Can you wait for me? Only 13 more days....

Andréa Viana said...

Your house look so lovelly!
Yesterday I watched this movie ( ) and I remember you very, very missed when we were just little kids. It's a beautiful movie, for children, with a sweet Christmas spirit. If you can, watch with your children, if not already did! It has a very child like you, with your smile and your energy! Kisses and love! Miss!