November 27, 2011

Family adventure

I think we just stumbled upon a new Buchanan family tradition!!

We just got back from snowshoeing and spending the night in a yurt.  

The whole family, plus the dogs. 

 I was very excited for the adventure and somehow, it turned out even better than I could have possibly imagined. I even fell asleep (through the little sleep that all of us got) with a silly grin on my face.

I'm rating this one of my all time favorite family adventures ever!
 Starting off on our snow shoe trip.  We had to snow shoe about 1 1/2 miles and it took us an hour.  We aren't the fastest group!
 Each kid had to lug their own backpacks filled with books and extra clothing.  Braden led the pack the entire time and even got lost for about 30 minutes. Gave me a heart attack, but at least he was with one of our dogs.

 When Mr. Will got tired of walking up the hills, he got a ride on the sled and boy, did he love that!  Yet, he did snow shoe most of the time.
 Our cozy and secluded yurt.
 3 frozen children trying desperately to warm up.
 Thank you Patrick for working so hard on getting us ready for the trip and for keeping the fire burning all night long. I'm still not a snow expert and it shows!
 Since there were no cell phones, no televisions or no computers, we played games until bedtime. Just perfect!
 Hanging up our clothes to dry them and warm them up.

 The next morning, there were chores to be done...
 chopping wood,
and restacking the wood pile. 
 I simply cherish this photo.  Thank you kids and dogs for being amazing rock stars the entire trip.  Glad you had so much fun.
 12 years ago (before we were even engaged), Patrick, Shane and I snowshoed to this exact same Honeymoon Yurt.  We didn't stay the night there, but it was so neat to bring our family back all these years later and to see how much we have grown as a family.
 Time to head back to home for some hot cocoa.


Daniella said...

Wow! I am way behind on commenting. I absolutely LOVE your experience- what a great memory for you all!