October 4, 2011

True story

**Obviously, above photo is not of me**

 I'm a social person and thankfully for me, so are my preschool parents.  It was a crisp fall morning, but I was already getting warm from the hustle and bustle of the morning school routine.  As I was socially talking to one of the preschool dads, I proceeded to take off sweater and planned to just wear my shirt for the day.

I continued to blab on and was wondering why this dad looked kind of nervous and would no longer look at me.  Maybe I was talking too much?  

It wasn't until I looked down (thankfully, I'm animated when I talk), that I realized that when I took off my sweater, I also took off my shirt and was now only wearing a white camisole (see picture above).

I have no idea what I said after that, nor do I even remember the dad leaving.

 Mortified would be a good word to use. 

I will try to remember to keep my clothes on from now on. 


eloiza said...

That is so funny Suzanne. It's my fear also to take my top off when I get hot doing aerobics. Did you put your top back on?

Anna M said...

oh my goodness. That is tragically hilarious. I am so sorry, but also glad you shared! ;)

Daniella said...

Oh wow!!! That is too traumatic BUT very funny! Sounds like a typical Banker story. :)