September 11, 2011

September 11

Like all of you, this day will live forever bring vivid memories and goosebumps.  

Where was I 10 year ago?

I was driving to Fort Huachuca, an Army Post, to teach Kindergarten and heard on the radio that the Pentagon had a bomb in it and something was going on with some airplanes.  I immediately called Patrick at home to see if he could get a hold of Cindy, my college roommate who worked at the Pentagon.  Shane, Patrick's great friend, was also visiting and was supposed to fly out that day, but was obviously grounded at our home for a couple more days.

By the time I got to school, all faculty were exchanging info on what we had heard and expressing our fears over loved ones in the Pentagon.  Yet, as parents, mainly Army men and women, dropped off their children for school, few words were exchanged, but looks of fear and unknown.

Sometime that morning, school was cancelled and all non-essential Army personal were ordered off of the Army Post.  That meant I had to go home immediately, which meant I sat at home and watched the news over and over again.  The images still sit in my head.

As for my beloved husband, he was essential Army personal and had to stay on post.  Sometime that afternoon, I got a phone call to meet him at the Army gate and deliver him some of Army gear.  He couldn't explain much and my fears began to grow. 

After many phone calls, I discovered that Cindy had left the Pentagon earlier that morning and was safe at home.  But, the airplane crashed right into her office.  God was with Cindy that day for sure!

That evening, Patrick was finally allowed to come home to gather all of his gear.  He had some time to pack his bag for the unknown and was to report back to Post.  This is the moment that he had been training for for years and ironically, it was being played out in slow motion in front of us. I remember laying next to him in bed talking about the day and the future.  We didn't know if he was deploying to war that evening or what was happening. He was told to be ready.  Somehow, we both managed to be strong, but as soon as he left our house, I lost it.  I didn't know when or if Patrick was coming home.

I called my mom as soon as I waved good-bye to Patrick and cried hysterically into the phone. I couldn't speak.  The whole day came crashing down on me in that moment.

The next morning, Patrick did come home and the next few months were a blur as the nation went to war and Patrick's deployment bags were always packed.  My Army School was surrounded by Military Police and we had to take an Army bus to the school since everything was barricaded off.  

To this day, I try to read everything about September 11th and try to understand how everyone felt.  What a day and one that I hope I never forget, for the sake of all of those lost.
Patrick coming home from his 3rd and final deployment.  So grateful to have such a humble and self-sacrificing husband.


eloiza said...

Your blog brought tears to my eyes. It was very sad to know how much the country was hurting and to to see how sad you were when Pat was deployed. I am glad that you lived in Arizona at the time so Daniella and I could go to your house and comfort you a little.
Thank you again Pat for all you did for the country.

Daniella said...

Your post was so hard (sad) to read- it's been so long and I didn't remember some of your details. It must have been so incredibly tough for you.
Pat- thanks for all you have done for our country!

jresko said...

Thanks Pat for your service!
I too read as much as I can about the families impacted by the 9/11 tragedy. I can't read one without tearing up!