September 25, 2011

High expectations

The other day, Braden held up a Barbie Doll and told me that when I get older, I will look like her.  

Hmmmm.....a million thoughts were going through my head about my next comment to my vulnerable and naive 7 year old son.  I couldn't shatter his dream for me, but I will never stack up to Barbie's chest or any of her measurements.  Yet, I didn't want him to turn out to be a horrible husband.  

I asked him if he wanted me to look like Barbie (please, please let him say "no").

He stared at Barbie a little while longer, then said "well, she wears way too much make-up".

Atta Boy, Braden!!  


Daniella said...

So sweet (and funny!) of Braden! And you can enjoy the fact that he thinks you aren't grown up yet! :)

eloiza said...

So cute. Children say and think the funniest things.

Alan Macfarlane said...

ha! She does. I never noticed that her makeup is so intense. And PINK! And I agree with Daniella, it is cute that he thinks you are YOUNGER than Barbie.

Anna M said...

that was me, Anna. Although I think my husband would agree with me. ;)