August 26, 2011

Some people

This week, we have been overwhelmed by other's graciousness.  From friends watching over our children, to gifts in the mail.

Patrick is selling his beloved Landcruiser (so sad!) to a very nice gentlemen who works for Volcom in California.  Typically, I would have no clue what Volcom was, but I do live in Sun Valley and I do have a 7 year old boy.  To say that Volcom is on the hot list is an understatement.

This very nice gentlemen kindly sent the kids a HUGE box of Volcom goodies--new rad backpacks for the kids (perfect timing), hats, belts and some other fun stuff that just might (or might not) end up under our Christmas tree.  
Thank you nice Volcom people.  We will continue to spend our money on your products forever and ever.