August 17, 2011

Kindergarten?? What!

Still not sure how Elise is going to Kindergarten already.  Oh, she is ready. Her  lunch has been packed, with non-perishables of course.  Her backpack is ready.  But, I just don't know the time has flown.  

Elise's fabulous-o Kindergarten teacher came over yesterday for her home visit.  Elise was over the moon with excitement. I would be too since Gretchen is the sweetest teacher.  
I shall miss my little girl, but I am so excited to go through the journey with her.  Her whole world is about to open up!

**A funny side note:  2 years ago, Gretchen came over for Braden's Kindergarten home visit and my darling 3 year old daughter spilled nail polish all over our hard wood floors. Not the best impression for your future Kindergarten teacher, but Gretchen and I are now able to giggle about it!


Anna M said...

ooh, I have a child going into kindergarten too this year. I think this one is the hardest so far.

What a sweet teacher to do a home visit. That makes a lot of sense.

Good luck to Elise and to YOU!

eloiza said...

I think that Elise is so ready for Kindergarten! She will be a great reader!