August 29, 2011

Hip hip hooray for the first day

Our first day of school is over and done with and a big success.  Phew!

Since I had to be at school bright and early, Patrick was in charge of taking the kids to school which led to not great pictures (his hands were full, so I can't blame him).  I had the kids make adorable signs announcing what grade they were going into and had big visions for these pictures, but I have learned to let somethings go (sort of!).
 And our second grader is off!!
 Our Kindergartener had the best day ever and even scored herself a playdate for tomorrow.  I loved seeing both Braden and Elise throughout the day in the halls or at the playground.  Just warms my heart!
Don't mind my over -animated face!  It was the first day and with preschoolers, I have to act over enthused, which is quite natural for me.  Mr. Will clung to my dress or hair most of the morning, but was an amazing champ. So proud of my preschooler.


Daniella said...

Happy 1st day of school! Love all the pictures! You all look SO cute on the 1st day!
I did laugh at your super excited face! :)
When did Mr. Will get so stinking blond?? So cute!