August 11, 2011

Green grass

The grass is always greener on the other ride, right?

About every spring, I get a nasty itch to move.  While we are still facing snow and everywhere else is showing off their flowers.  I scour homes on the internet, check out local schools and plot our big adventure.

Yet, I do love where I live and brag about it every chance I get.  Recently, I just read an article about my town in a new local magazine (not available on line yet).  Basically, if I read that article and lived somewhere else, I would pack up my family and pets and move in a heartbeat to Hailey.  Pretty similar to what we did 5 years ago while I was very pregnant with Elise. 

So, I'm on a renewed love affair with our town.  Best decision I have ever made, besides getting married and having our three children.