August 22, 2011

Congrats Bob and Jane!

For the past 4 days, it has been family central here!  Bob (Patrick's father) and Jane chose to get married in Sun Valley---aren't we lucky!  So, that means that family and friends all come here for the big party.  So much fun!!
 The wedding was located at the most beautiful house location.  I have big dreams now!
 The handsome Holden and Mr. Will in their dashing outfits.
 Elise loved her wedding dress and having her hair curled---thank you Aunt Heather!
 The handsome big boys that keep all of us women in line.
 The house was the best playhouse for the kids and for me.

 Elise and cousin Emma were glued at the hip.  
 Sara and I enjoying perfect weather all weekend long.
 The cute grandkids getting instructions from the bride and groom. 

 Heather, Gavin and their kids stayed at our home and it was a wonderful chance for us to catch up!

 Elise and cousin Helayna getting a ride from Grandpa Bob. See!  This house was the "IT" house of the century.
 Then it was Will and cousin Owen's turn. 
Thanks for a memorable weekend Bob and Jane!


Daniella said...

Wow- what an awesome place and so fun for all of you!!!! Congrats to Bob and Jane!!
Your kids look so cute!