July 22, 2011

A thank you and an apology

I owe my husband a deep apology and a wonderful thank you for my new phone.  

Once upon a time (before the Deschutes River met my old phone), I had an antique flip phone that allowed me to text and call people. That is all I needed and all I wanted.  I'm one of those people who absolutely loved having no phone for three days. The peace and quite!!

My dear husband, remember the one that wants all the new toys, bought me a new iphone.  

I didn't want an iphone, I just wanted a phone that could only dial phone numbers.

To make a long, bad story short, and after much hesitation, I like my new phone.

Especially being able to take videos and pictures of the kids all day long.  

Just don't touch my antique cruiser bike!


eloiza said...

I know that Pat was so excited to get you the phone, poor guy. Glad that you enjoy it now.
Don't forget to install Skype on it, so I can talk to you next month.

Daniella said...

Glad you love it now- it is super nice and handy! But, I know what you mean about having a simple, cheap phone.
Don't be one of those moms surfing the web while at the park! ;)