July 18, 2011

Road trip, Buchanan style

This past weekend, we drove to Bend, Oregon for a little family reunion on Patrick's side of the family.

The first day there, I had an emergency trip to the eye doctor. Recovering nicely, thank you.  Then, my phone was soaked while kayaking the Deschutes River (that still hasn't recovered).  

But, after all that, it was sunshine and glory.  My bad luck had passed, sort of, so I felt ok bringing out the camera for some last day pictures.

More pictures will be coming soon.

 Some of the cousins:  Braden (age 7), Elise (age 5), Helayna (age 8), Mr. Will (age 3) and Owen (almost 5).
Look at all of those tired eyes.
 Biking, kayaking, fishing, and racing were just a few things we did on our trip.

 Mr. Will was mesmerized by the waterfalls.
Boys will be boys!  Braden, Owen and Mr. Will discovered a nature made skateboard ramp and performed their tricks for us.

Great trip and can't wait to see the family again next month!


Daniella said...

I love those kind of road trips- sounds like a fun time with the family!