July 26, 2011

Make believe fairy tale

 While on our bike ride to get ice cream, Braden told me,

"This day is better than a make believe fairy tale"

I concur, my son!

After these sweaty, red faces, we had to stop for a dip in the creek by our house.
Our kids are like our dogs, if they see water, they must get in it!

Check out my cute new bike basket that I just got at REI.  I'm one lucky gal.
Yes, the tag is still on.  It's Patrick pet peeve, but I must keep the tags on for a long time. It makes the newness last longer.


Daniella said...

That is like a fairy tale for you and Pat and family!
I have to say that your habit of leaving the price tag on is hilarious!! Never knew that! Its so like us (quirky habit), isn't it?