July 31, 2011

The getaway

I have been waiting for this day trip all summer long.  We have had to wait extra long this summer (thanks to the jam packed weekends that I have created), but we finally made it up to Redfish Lake.  Handcrafted and sculpted by God Himself!
 We bring a big bucket of toys and play, play, play.
 We can't forget the ice cream!
 I'm always in awe of the nature's beauty here.

We cleaned off the sand from our bodies and then drove to Stanley for an outdoor music concert.
 That would be a summer storm brewing behind us and Elise and Mr. Will weren't too fond of the LOUD thunder.
 Once the storm sort of passed---we REALLY needed this rain), we enjoyed great music and concert food.
 Elise was really into the concert, which really surprised us. Our clingy daughter left our blanket so she could get better seats to watch the concert and to dance to the music.  
Redfish, you did not disappoint.