July 27, 2011

Camp Mommy

There is only one more month left of summer.

I vow to make the most of every single day during that month because I know what is coming and it ain't as much fun.

This is a picture of my kids showing off exactly who they are.
 This is my picture showing off how beautiful Sun Valley is in the summer.
 While Braden tried out my new phone camera, Elise and I practiced our "posing while hiking".
 We spent our afternoon hiking, admiring wildflowers and making rock bands.  

Summer, can't you last forever?


eloiza said...

Beautiful pictures of a very pretty family!

Daniella said...

I LOVE LOVE that shot of you and Elise. You look so pretty and Elise is adorable!!
And those shots of Sun Valley- gorgeous! What a fun summer you are having- am a little jealous!