June 13, 2011

Nature benefits

Like most people, I prefer to be outside than inside.

Eating outside makes the experience even sweeter.
I haven't been to the gym in months (4 to be exact), but would rather walk my dogs all day long.

Recently, I read an article that expressed reasons why being outside is actually beneficial to one's being, besides the obvious and well known reasons.  If it is that beneficial to my old(er) body, than think of what it does to certain little ones sitting next to me at this moment.

The study showed that after a 3-day outing in nature, it led to a 9 percent jump in natural killer cells (ones that fight off icky stuff that makes us sick).  While a trip to the city didn't affect these natural killer cells at all.  Being in nature actually means we live healthier presently and in the future!

PLUS (are you still reading this?), exercising in areas with water and woods made people the happiest because these two things conjure feelings of security and calm.

Soooo, my whole point....our new Buchanan family mission is to get outside and stay there.