June 10, 2011

Get your ride on

Favorite things about summer thus far....

1. Sleeping in every day until 7:00am
2.  Staying up late with Patrick and catching up on old Glee episodes
3. No schedules, no worries
4.  Play, play, play until the sun goes down
5. Running into friends all over town and having impromptu play dates

This week, we ventured off to the local bike pump park and met up with some friends.
Before I even knew what was going on, Elise was rockin' the jumps.  

After a few practice runs with me, this little one mastered the course with a smile on his face.  Look at our trees!! Spring is here and it was worth the beautiful wait.
Unfortunately, a bad spill (Elise) and a broken bike chain (Mr. Will) made us say "the end" earlier than we had wanted to.
Yet, we will be back very soon! How about tomorrow?


eloiza said...

It sounds like you had lots of fun! This is a good time to visit Hailey now, no more snow!

Daniella said...

I am so jealous of your bike park!!!!! Looks like so much fun!
So glad you are enjoying the summer fun!