June 16, 2011

All in a day

While cruising at the Skateboard Park last week, a local newspaper photographer came by and snapped some pictures of the kids for the paper (pays to live in a small town!).  I had forgotten my camera, so he was my knight in shining armor. 

This was the moment that I was in freak out mode.  This snake was mighty large and I kept shrieking at Braden to put it down, but he insisted that it was just a garden snake.  The photographer proved me wrong and then I went back to my normal calm mode and we got a great photo out of it.


eloiza said...

Photographers do like your children (so do I). I love the picture of Elise on the skate board...What a pretty smile!

Kimberly Paige said...

You are always doing so many fun things! I am so jealous! Can't wait to see you again!