May 31, 2011

You just have to be spontaneous!

When we woke up one morning this weekend, it was a mixture of snow and rain falling from the sky.  

I had been patiently waiting for spring weather for a LONG time, but that was my breaking point.  I rolled over in bed and told Patrick that we were all going to Boise for the day.

We loaded up my loves in the car and drove to Boise with no agenda.
After a necessary trip to Target, we were off to the zoo---our usual Boise hangout.  Never gets old!

 This is a typical experience for us at the zoo with Braden. He looks at an animal for about .10 seconds and then is off running and jumping!  He keeps things moving and we can clear the zoo in record time.
 Luckily, this little man can keep up with his older brother.
All throughout the day, Elise kept telling me, "Mom, I'm having such a fun day".  

Now, we are back to Sun Valley with sub par weather, but I can now deal with it!