May 5, 2011

Still partying

The festivities have continued! 

This week, I hosted a baby shower for Braden's former Kindergarten teacher. All the teachers were invited over to our home for some yummy treats and lots of laughs.  The kids were so excited that their teachers were coming to our house and were going to see their rooms.  A big deal for little kids!
 Each person wrote a love note to the baby.  

We also had the preschool Mother's Day Tea this week at school.  A sweet, sweet moment with all the mommies and preschoolers.  How I love my Elise!

Now, I'm off to Boston for 4 days for more training on the Reggio educational philosophy. I'm a huge ball of emotions since this will be the longest (and farthest) that I have ever been away from the family, yet I'm also excited to visit a new city full of rich history.  I can't wait to call Patrick and the kids each night and hear about their daily adventures.  

My camera is packed and pictures shall come!


Daniella said...

What a cute party you threw- nice job!!!
You and Elise look so happy during the tea party. Don't you love doing stuff like that?