May 15, 2011

Mother's Day do over

Since I was in Boston on Mother's Day, I missed out on doing our traditional Mother's Day family activity. Don't worry, I made sure that this weekend made up for it.  I let the kids choose between a hike or bike ride. They all chose the bike ride, so off we went.  

I had a grand goal of riding our bikes to Ketchum for a mid-afternoon treat.  Despite a storm blowing in during our last 3 miles, victory and fun was ours!  23 miles later  we were home wet and happy as clams.  

While the wind and rain was trying to knock our spirits down, Braden and I had the best converstaion on our bikes:

Braden:  Mom, when you are 100, I'll be 74.

Me:  Yes, that's right.  You will probably have kids and grandkids and I will visit you all the time.

Braden:  Well, I'm want to live with you forever.

Me:  Ok, we will work hard and save our money and live together in a big house.

Braden: It will be a mansion next to a ranch and we will have a garden.

Me: You really want to live with me forever?

Braden:  Yes! Until one of us dies.

Braden has always said that he will never marry and only wants to live with me, we shall see how long that lasts, but I do love that idea!  Thanks for being such a biking stud and making mommy so happy.  Best Mother's day ever!