May 23, 2011

Memories of love

For the past two weeks, my sister has been in Brazil for our cousins wedding.  I so wish I could have been there celebrating with our entire family!

I have some great memories of visiting Brazil and being with our family.  My mom was wonderful and always took us back, so it was fun growing up with our foreign cousins and being a part of a huge family.

Some of my favorite memories:
*Horseback riding with our cousins until we could no longer walk straight
*The entire family welcoming us from the airport balcony. We felt like celebrities.
*Everyone would gather at my grandma's house for lunch, dinner or just because.
*Visiting all of our aunts and uncles homes.
*Seeing all the styles and clothes--Brasilians are always a little ahead of us in the fashion category.

This list could go on and on and I really hope to take our kids back one day and share with them the Brasilian culture and love.

 Taty and her 5 year old daughter, Maria Clara.  Don't they both look so pretty!  LOVE the yellow tulips in her bouquet and her long, elegant veil.
My sister, my Uncle Joao (where Mr. Will's middle name came from), my Aunt Isabel and my cousin Joanna (since the day Elise was born, everyone said that those two look the exact same).

Can't wait until my sister comes home so I can hear all the stories and see even more pictures!


eloiza said...

The pictures of the wedding look very pretty and Daniella had a great time.
I'll send you to Brazil next year, if you want to go... Will take care of the kids also.