May 7, 2011

Boston adventures

Made it to Boston and despite the lack of sleep, am having the best time. If I really didnt have to sleep, I would stay up all night so I could continue to sight see.

After a very tearful good bye (my poor Elise),and a cancelled 5:30 am flight, my co-teacher and I made it to our destination eleven hours tardy. Yet I can't complain about a darn thing since traveling without children is pretty easy (but i still would rather have them with me).

A few highlights:

Seeing a whole variety of different people and cultures.

Staying in a farmhouse that was built in the 1700s.

Walking all around Harvard. If you haven't seen Love Story, rent it today!!

Admiring all the beautiful and gorgeous colonial homes. (why can't we make houses like that any more?)

Learning so so much at my workshop and being completely fired up to teach.

The tulips and the lilacs and the robins and watching a cardinal walk around while I ate a scone.

Getting a personal escort to our towed car and not having to pay a dime to get it out of the tow yard. Bostonians may act tough, but they sure can be nice.

Excited to see what tomorrow shall bring. Happy mothers day to all!

Excited for what tomorrow shall bring