April 1, 2011

Time to drool

Happy April Fool's Day!
I thought about playing an April Fool's joke on all of you by telling you that I'm pregnant (wouldn't that be nice!), but have never ever been good at practical jokes.

1.  I'm a terrible liar

2.  I am not too crafty in that department.

So, no April Fool's jokes today.  Much to Braden's dismay.  Sorry son!

Ever since we shopped at the fabulous-o Nordstroms in Arizona, I have been daydreaming about these gorgeous-o shoes.  Wouldn't they look so perfect while I'm at the market or at a preschool social?

Speaking of Nordstroms--Idaho is FINALLY moving up in the world.  They are getting a Nordstrom Rack in Boise.  Woot Woot!!