April 30, 2011

I wish I were a cowboy

Mr. Will's big preschool performance was the other day. He was quite excited for it and kept asking me who was going to be in the audience for him.  He felt important and was ready to show us all of his songs that he has practiced.

We have had two busy weeks (visitors, birthdays, parties, etc), so come his big performance night, I could see his energy dwindling.

I tried to talk to him and the entire car ride, I could practically see him thinking.  

Mr. Will:  "I'm not going to do it mama"

Me:  "That's Ok, I'll turn the car around and take us home then.  But, should we buy cookies or carrots to share with everyone that does the performance?"

(two minutes later---after he voted for the cookies immediately)

Mr. Will: "Well, let's just go check it out."

(another two minutes)

Mr. Will:  "Ok, I will do the performance." 

It was pretty neat to see him work it out by himself and try to gather the courage.

Yet, when it was time for the big performance, he saw me in the audience, walked over to me with tears in his eyes and let me rock him while we watched his friends up on stage. Since Braden and Elise are his siblings, I'm totally use to this!

As soon as we got in the car to go home, he was fast asleep.  

Timing is everything for this cowboy.


Daniella said...

What a cute story and picture of the cutest little cowboy!