April 14, 2011

How bad?

**Elise riding the scooter during our spring break trip to AZ**

Earlier this week, I took Elise and Mr. Will to the grocery store for our weekly (but seems like daily) trip.  I like to take the kids to the grocery store since they give me someone to talk to.

This kind lady smiled at us and then told me to cherish these years since the teenage years aren't too great and these are the best year. 

This is a comment  that I hear quite often and I just nod and smile.  Not sure what to think of it.  Here I am at the store with two young kids trying to keep them entertained while trying to keep my family fed and here is this nice lady all by herself casually strolling the store all by herself after she finished her morning workout.  Yet, she tells me that I have it much better/easier.  

Perhaps I do.

Yet, I will admit that  it is hard for me to grasp. I understand how sweet and loving my days are, but there is a rarely a moment for myself--like most moms of young ones.  I guess it is all give and take.

At times, I can't wait for the day that the kids older and not so dependent upon me (oh, the things I shall do!!), yet it scares me to think that the worst is yet to come and that the upcoming years are going to be as awful as everyone hints at.  

Are they really that bad?  Anyone?


I will cherish these days and these moments and try not to think about what is coming my way.  

Off for a wagon ride to hunt for robins and scout out budding flowers and remember how good I have it.


eloiza said...

Cherish them Suzanne. Children grow too fast!
I don't think that you and Daniella were bad at all, besides talking back! It was very easy raising both of you. Make sure that the children have good friends, with good morals, etc.
I'll be there next week to give you my full time help, which you and Pat don't get much! You deserve it!

Drew's Mom said...

All I can think of is how my son's dad and I were as teenagers.. and that's enough to completely dread our son's teenage future.. Lol Good luck!