April 25, 2011

Easter mania

Holy Moly! What an amazing party week. Easter was the perfect way to end it (for now).  
We did the usual Easter Egg hunt at home, followed by church and another Easter Egg hunt.  Basically, the kids made out like bandits and can call it a good day!

 Mr. Will and Elise checking out their early morning loot.
 Quick pose for mother before Braden is off to find more eggs.

 3 Generations of girls
 Elise's Easter outfit---her choice of course.  Isn't that apron darling? She got it as a birthday gift.
 "My name is not Will, it is Cowboy".  I had a nice church outfit laid out for this young lad, but he really, really wanted to wear his full cowboy gear.
 Baskets full of eggs and candy, make for great picture taking bribery.

Here come the photo ops:

 Bobo and her three Idaho grandkids.

Hope everyone had a eggcellent Easter!!


Daniella said...

Wow- what a busy week for you!
You are look great in your family photo- the kids look so cute in their "unique" outfits and you look so pretty!
I do love her apron- so cute!

Oliphant Family said...

I love your Family Pic!