April 16, 2011

Changes all around

Flashback to a few years ago:
Braden would cry and run off the stage during any preschool performances.
He was shy, so was I when I was a child. No big deal.

When he entered Kindergarten, the school told me that at that age, they begin public speaking skills.  I had high expectations for Braden, but I just couldn't see him acing public speaking...not yet anyway.  The school had their work cut out for them.

Fast forward to present day :
Braden on stage singing and dancing and LOVING it during the spring muscial.  Honestly, he even pleasantly surprised many of the teachers with his grand performance.

You've come a long way kid!


eloiza said...

Very cute pictures! good job Braden! I love your hair!

Daniella said...

That is a huge change for him- way to go B!!! He looks so calm and cool.