April 24, 2011

Birthday Wishes EMB

Oh, how I love little girl parties!  Ok, I just love any party!!

This weekend, we celebrated Elise's 5th birthday.  What a fun, cute party.  

Thanks Elise for helping me plan it and thank you mom for all your help!

On to the pictures:  (there aren't many, because we were too busy having fun with 20 little girls.  WAY too little pictures which makes me sad)...

 Elise and I made her ladybug birthday sign.
 The ladybug table. Elise was so happy to get her very own flowers!
 Zoey, the school's art teacher came over to make ladybug wind chimes with the kids. We were super lucky to have her and the kids loved their art project.

 My wonderful mother painted nails. She was quite popular!
 Pinata time.
Then on to her great presents.  Seriously!  I got some wonderful gift ideas from the presents her friends gave her.

So glad that you had a special day my Elise!

Love you to the moon and back.


Daniella said...

Awesome party!! I may steal lots of ideas! Glad she had such a fun time. Love you Elise!