April 17, 2011

Birthday wishes BRB

This weekend, we celebrated Braden's 7th birthday. Yep, you read that right. The big s.e.v.e.n.

He took his buddies skiing with Patrick. Unfortunately, Patrick was too busy skiing and watching over the boys, that pictures weren't taken. Completely understood!

Then, we went to a local joint for pizza and cake. Good times by all.

 Braden's almost seven year old smile.  That's not chocolate on his face, but scratches from Mr. Will wrestling him.  Mr. Will discovered the impact of his nails.  
 The boys racing each other.
 Love this picture of Mr. Will and Patrick playing Duck Hunter.

 Elise's almost 5 year old smile.  She enjoyed being the only girl at the party.
Braden has been planning for his big birthday for months now and it is almost kind of sad that it is over.  Guess we will have to celebrate all over again on his real birthday. 

So proud of you, for some many things!!


Daniella said...

Happy birthday Braden!!!!!! glad you had such a fun party and an awesome looking cake! 7??? That's insanity!