April 21, 2011

Beautiful, crazy world

**Bobo is back for birthday week!  She hasn't missed a single birthday in the past 7 years. Quite a feat since we haven't lived in the same state. Thanks mom!!**

Ever have one of those weeks? One where you wonder what you did to deserve a week full of luck?

That is where I am this week. Ever so thankful.

I can't quite disclose one of the big things yet, but since I'm an open book (according to my beloved husband), I will share when I can.  

While my mom was at home watching my kiddos (Patrick was out of town), I did a photo shoot for Title Nine.  Somehow and for some odd reason, they chose me to model their new winter line which will come out next year. They had a stylist from Seattle, a photographer from California and a small crew of Title Nine folks.  Super fun group and lots of laughs!  

If you have ever seen their catalogue or been in their store, you would know that their models are athletic, buff and natural.  I got the natural part, but haven't mastered the other two.  That left me a little worried, but since it was a winter shot and I was bundled up in clothes, my lack of bulging muscles weren't a problem. 

We drove out to the STUNNING Idaho Mountain Ranch to take the photos.  It wasn't a bluebird day, but it did snow and that made everyone even happier.  The four hour shoot was very eye opening and gave me a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.  Phew! It's a lot of work--not for me--but for them.  

It was a fun photo shoot where I was able to be active, silly and be my true self.  I got to ride my bike in the snow!!  When the photographer told me that he just wanted to see me and who I am in the photos, I knew that I was in good hands. None of this fakey stuff!  Oh, did I mention that I wasn't to wear ANY make-up during the photo shoot?  At first I was nervous about that, but I love the concept.  

So, that was my big gig and I can check it off my bucket list.  Thank you Title Nine for believing in me and for letting me have a surreal day of fun!


Anna M said...

oh, I can't wait to see the pictures.

And hear about your other big news.

you are incredible

Angie Giannotti said...

thats awesome Suzanne! I always get their catalogs... can't wait to see you... I'm sure your a natural!!