March 30, 2011

spring break 2011

We're home!  

What a great spring break trip. It was exactly what we all needed. So wonderful to be "home" and surrounded by family.  This is a trip that we will never, ever forget.  Thank you Lamis family (my sister's family) and my parents for all the fun, help and laughs. 

We went non-stop for the entire week, so picture mania coming right up!

Prescott, Arizona
 Hiking around a lake in Prescott with my mom and dad.  We are so grateful that Bobo and Ron-Ron are such great grandparents!

Off to the Phoenix Zoo!
 Cousin Julia checking out the animals.

 Can you tell that we are an animal loving family?

 How cute is my niece Camille?  She is quite the ham!!
 At this point, Camille didn't want to share the camera with her sister Julia.
 My mom, my sister and I with 3 of our 6 kids.  Ahhh, to wear shorts and flip flops again!

 Elise pretending to fly on the giraffe.
 Cousin Bella.

 Cousin Julia and Braden striking a pose.

Am I the only one who gets motion sickness from the carousel??

Off to a spring training baseball game to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks against the Kansas City Royals.
 This is where most of us got sunburned.

 Snowcones, Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt----we sure had our fair share of ice cold treats!

Next stop, bike riding at South Mountain...
 The beautiful AZ desert still has my  heart.

 Love the fierce look of my non-competive Elise.
 These kids have all loved each other since day one and never fight.  They truly love each other, we are so lucky!
 Hiking with babes in our arms while wearing flip flops---yep, we are classic Arizona gals.  

Still not done!

We were off to Rawhide---a western town.

 The kids got to ride burros,
 pan for gold (very serious activity),
 and take a boat ride.  (pictured: Patrick, my sister and cousin Camille).
 Elise and her fun loving Uncle Chet.

These next two photos crack me up!  

This is the gang waiting for the boat...
 Then they saw my camera and instantly perked up!

We even got to play with baby chicks! If we didn't live so far away, a dozen or so of those cute little guys would have been coming home with me!
Julia (age 8), Bella (age 6), Elise (age 4), Braden (age 6), Camille (age 2), and Will (age 3). Such cute kids if I do say so myself.



eloiza said...

Come back again soon, please!You are right: the children love each other so much and never fought.It was great to watch them. Family is one of the most important thing in life.
Thanks for coming!

Daniella said...

What great fun and photos!! Loved every minute. Thanks again for coming- it was great!!!!!