March 4, 2011

How we do things in Idaho

Recently, my sister wrote on her blog about her new, lovely garden in Arizona.  They already have their fruits and veggies growing OUTSIDE.  Made me slightly jealous as I stare at the window at a ground covered in 3 feet of snow.  

Yet, just because we have the snow, it doesn't mean we are behind on the times.

I proudly present our crawl space (and what we have been growing in it):
 We are in denial and pretending that we can actually grow a full and successful garden  outdoors each year. This year, we are going to be the talk of the town when we have a lavish garden come June 1st! 
Mr. Will crawling out of the crawl  space.

I'll be honest and admit that Patrick and the kids have made most of our crawl space garden since it is kind of creepy down there. 

I'll take over the garden come summer. Yep, I'm a fair weather gardener--as long as my garden produces awesome produce and gorgeous flowers. 


Daniella said...

Love it! Very creative! I'll be SO jealous come June when your garden is green and ours is hiding from the sun.