March 3, 2011

Fun memories, fun pictures

Mrs. Idaho picture overload! Are you ready?  You may not recognize me with my hair and make-up all done up!

 Showing off our stylish new purses.  I'm telling you, we received the most amazing prices!
My secret sister gave me the best fruit basket ever filled with fruit and chocolate. I was in Heaven!
Besides rehearsing constantly, we laughed and played all day long.  I had SOOOO much fun with these beautiful ladies and the staff.
Ironically, this group of women also made the top 5.  Brunettes, Brunettes, Brunettes.

 My amazing friend, Liz, got me prepared mentally and physically for interview. I still love this interview suit that I scored on sale at Nordys. I just need a fun summer wedding to wear it to.
 This is during rehearsals for our opening number dance. Oh, how I wish I was a real dancer and could dance on stage again! I'm on the left wearing the light pink dress.
My costume----I was the Sun Valley sun.  Thank you Patrick for all of your time and creative juice in making my Sun stick.  Also, thanks to Sonya for letting me borrow her killer dress. I have the best friends!
 On stage question.  It's as nerve racking as it sounds.
The Top 5 on stage before Kristie (the one in the black dress next to me) is crowned Mrs. Idaho.

Seeing these pictures reminded me of how much fun I had and made me oh so happy that I did it.  I'm just bummed that I didn't get a picture with Patrick to fill my empty picture frame on my nightstand. 

Guess we will have to get dressed up once again for another special occasion!


Daniella said...

Bella is sitting on my lap oogling over every picture of you! You look wonderful and am so glad you have such great photos and memories!!

eloiza said...

Love the photos and they bring back good memories. You did a GREAT job and we are all very proud of you!