February 15, 2011

What a journey

The 2011 Mrs. Idaho pageant was truly a life changing year for me.

I know myself --including my strengthens and weaknesses---more than ever.  I am probably in the best place in my life and I contribute it all to the pageant experience. It was a huge growing and developing year for me and a really fun year.  I wouldn't change ONE single thing about this experience.  

I walked away with amazing new friends and a huge load of prizes ($400 worth of hair product, plus $250 towards Michael Todd's clothing line, plus so much more). Thank you STAFF and sponsors!! Wow!! 

The pageant staff is remarkable and work so hard for us ensuring that this pageant is truly exceptional for each contestant.  From picking awesome judges, to giving constructive criticism (trust me, I needed it), to providing an amazing pageant weekend full of dances, fun and great memories (and lots and lots of laughs), these ladies work hard to make sure each woman feels like a queen or movie star.  We have pictures from every angle and at every moment to prove it.

Then there are these tremendous, humble, beautiful, selfless friends of mine who were the extra creamy and chocolately icing on the cake. I have known these women for the past 4 years and they know me better than most.  Liz, Amber and Lauarlyn are what made my pageant experience exactly what I wanted and allowed me to take away exactly what I needed.  How they did it? I don't know, but maybe that is why they are saints.  I could go on and on about these three. They are my role models for EVERYTING in life.  At times I felt like I had three moms watching their little girl get ready for her first big date.  The things they did for me!  I have real life Fairy Godmothers.

I wish I could tell you my favorite part of the whole experience, but each experience was entirely different and entirely special.  A few highlights:

*Getting super fancy photos with gorgeous clothes (every girl should do that!)

*Figuring out exactly who I am and what I like and what my purpose of life is (at least for the age of 33)

*The friends--we bonded fast and hard and I feel so lucky to have such great friends all over Idaho.

*Having my children watch me dance on stage.  I love to dance, but am not good enough to dance on stage in front of an audience. Voila!  I just did it and my kids thought it was awesome!  And, I have the video and photos to show my grandkids.  Priceless!

*Having Patrick escort me during the evening gown competition. I felt like that was my strongest area and it was because Patrick was there by my side.

I am still on cloud 9 over my experience and loved it all.  Still waiting for my pictures, but wanted to get these thoughts out of my head.

On to my next goal:  the SV 1/2 Marathon this June.  Perhaps after I run, I will dress up in my fancy heels!


Amber said...


1. You are a terrific Mama, Wife, and Role Model!

2. You are the epitome of Class, Grace, Beauty (inside and out), and an Inspiration to others!

3. You know your priorities in life and clearly strive to help others achieve their goals!

4. Being a woman of substance and a women with an open heart, there is no doubt in my mind you will one day wear the Mrs. Idaho America crown AND the Mrs. America crown. None. :)

5. I remain honored and grateful that you allowed me to be prt of your journey... so wonderful to be Fairy Godmother to my little sis... as I mentioned on Saturday night, ya all are kinda stuck with me now... as in F~O~R~E~V~E~R.

Love you doll. So much.

XO, Am

Kodi said...

Wowsa! You look AMAZING. Congratulations!!

Daniella said...

Aside from doing and looking amazing (!), I can tell what a life changing experience it was for you. So awesome to see it all in action!! So proud of you!

eloiza said...

You did a wonderful job Suzanne! I am VERY proud of you. You looked so very pretty!