February 6, 2011

Could it be?

Could that silly little groundhog actually be right?

After this weekend, it definitely feels like spring is on its way. We have already started planning our summer garden in our heads and preparing to purchase some seeds.  Our new house has plenty of sunlight and no garden eating deer, so our garden should be abundant this year.  

 The boys preparing our planter box. I didn't have the heart to tell them that plenty more snow will be coming our way (hopefully!).  Just as a side note:  our house is currently gray.  Winter, blah gray.  We, well, technically the painters, will be painting it in the spring time just as the world and all the flowers start to get their color.
Elise snowshoeing in our yard.

Happy Sunday my friends and lots of hope for more spring like weather.


Marcy said...

When are you going to post photos of the new house?

Daniella said...

I hope you can plant your garden soon!! And can't wait to see the new house color.