January 1, 2011

Simplify or Semper Fi

My Goals for 2011:  


Less on my to-do list, more on my fun list

Be stellar at a few things rather than ok on a zillion things.


I think I can handle it.

2011 started off to a rocky start and by "simplify" I sure didn't mean to get rid of one dog.  To make a long story short and to spare you all of my tears, our dog, Calle, went missing for 24 hours, which seemed like 24 days. This was so unlike her and with the help of some local buddies, word got out fast. Seriously, over 5000 people were notified of Calle's disappearance. Thank goodness for kind souls and for the internet.

She is home now and as tired as can be.  She survived a night in -15 degree weather and I will never doubt my faithful companion again and will always help others find their missing dog.  
 Now I can offically say that 2011 is off to a great start!  Even Aiken, our other dog, missed Calle.  He laid on the pillow next to her and fell asleep with his head on her.  
Braden's 2011 goals:  Be better at soccer and Ski Baldy

Elise's 2011 goals:  Have good times with my whole family

Will's 2011 goals:  Play soccer and baseball with Zach and Jacob (his little buddies)

Patrick's 2011 goals: Get out of the office more and find a new path


Tara Meghan said...

Simplify is my new Semper Fi, and my motto for 2011. And that is how I found your blog! I'm glad you found your beautiful dog! Have a great New Year.

-Tara, Mom at Team Seguin :-)

jresko said...

I didn't know that Calle was missing. Oh my goodness! I would have been out there searching like a mad woman. I am so happy she made it home safely.