January 17, 2011

Life is changing

As a non-skier (only been twice in my life), I am at awe when I watch little kids shred up the mountain. I may not ski, but I am at the mountain every weekend cheering the kids on.  It makes me feel less lazy! 

This little guy (it's Braden in case you couldn't recognize him in all of his gear)
is now skiing this mountain with his ski school.
 Again, as a non-skier I can't imagine little 6 year old bodies skiing from the very top to the very bottom over and over again.

This even smaller guy sure was excited to see his big brother when ski school was over.
 I have a pretty good feeling that he will be joining his big bro on the big mountain very soon.


Anna M said...

I am amazed at all of your ski pics that you have only been twice! Do you want to go more? Isn't it heresy to live in Sun Valley and not ski? ;)

Daniella said...

Wow- I am still impressed by your skiers! What a great sport for them!