January 29, 2011

Is it HA or HI?

I speak to both of my handsome gentlemen throughout the day while they are kicking up the sand in Hawaii.  They were getting ready to go to a "fancy party" last night and Braden was just busting with happiness. I could hear the joy and excitement in his voice over his whole experience.  Such a great sound!

Here are a few more photos from the islands...

 Love this shot!  Even though all of the photos (besides the one above) have Braden wearing the same orange shirt. Apparently, my methodical packing methods aren't being used!
Now, I know you are dying to know what Elise, Will and I have been up to with our super fun lives!! :)  Well, my two side kicks are still glued to my side at all times and we are getting ready to do a little volunteering this morning--pictures to come.

We had a leak in our home (yes, our brand new home), so all week, we have had no TV while the workers have been repairing our ceiling. It's like we have a  new house all over again.  Today was our first day with TV, so while my babes are glued to the tube watching a cooking show (?), I'm catching up on my blogging.

Happy Saturday!!