January 31, 2011

Cool friends

I have some mighty cool friends.  Some friends that lead mighty impressive lives with their mighty impressive talents.  I have friends who are the best "doers" and the best "givers" and are just the best. I have friends that make me feel quite honored that they even consider me their friend.  

Take this fine lady for example--she is about to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award from Portland State University while working as the CEO for Dress for Success AND has a heart of GOLD while looking radiant at the same time.  If you look up Fairy Godmother in the dictionary, her picture should be there.  Basically, anything that she starts turns into something wonderful!  

Or how about this mother of 4 who comes from an AWESOME family and runs her own family like the best of them, all while maintaining a famous blog AND doing crazy cool projects.  Did I mention that she does all of that and may or may not have MS.  Really!  I can no longer complain when I have a minor cold.   

Definitely check out Anna's (or Ahhnna's) blog because she has a sweet giveaway going on right now.  Yet, don't plan on winning, because I already have that goal in sight!  

To all my friends--thank you!  Thanks for molding me and inspiring me to be a better person each and every day.

ps, pictures from Hawaii coming soon!


Anna M said...

it's official: you're my favorite! ;)

.: amber :. said...

Dolly! :)

THANK YOU so much for your wonderful and generous words! Wow! What a treat to visit your blog and see such a beautiful post.

And you know, YOU inspire those of us who are lucky enough to call you our friend!

I cannot wait to see you in just a mere week and would LOVE to attend Mr. Will's birthday party! (and, I cannot wait to spend time with your family at the Pageant!)

I'l email you after I get my bearings -- been offline for a few days fighting a might mean migraine. But all is better now.

Love you doll! XO, Am