December 26, 2010


Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends.  I'm sure that all of you had a fantastic Christmas and felt the Christmas spirit throughout.

One of my favorite things about Christmas, besides being with family and celebrating the birth of Jesus, is our family traditions. It's been fun to watch Patrick and I combine different traditions and even begin our own.  It makes me excited (and a little nervous) to think that the traditions we do with our little family will probably set the foundation for their Christmas's in the future.  

The kids said that this was their favorite Christmas EVER, so hopefully we are on the right track.

We began Christmas Eve with church, then a mad dash down the street to watch the Nutcracker on Ice. All outdoors, so we were bundled up like big colorful marshmellows.  

This year was the BEST ice show ever because as a surprise to all of us there, Evan Lysacek was there to skate a number for all of us. The entire crowd roared with delight and I screamed my head off!  He was right there skating 15 feet in front of us.  We watched Evan a little bit during the Olympics while he won the Gold Medal, but he is more famous in our home for his fabulous stint on Dancing With the Stars.  
 We then went home to eat our homemade soup (found the Carrot and Sweet Potatoe soup at and the kids went to bed nice and early---their choice--as we all waited for Santa.

 Christmas morning came bright and early for us (4:00 am is not a decent rise-and-shine hour).

 Not the greatest pictures of our three kids, but they were more excited about playing with presents than taking pictures.  Completely understood!  

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas vacation!  


eloiza said...

Loved the pictures and your story! Too bad you live so far from us. I feel bad that you spend part of the holidays alone! I would like to at least try spending either Thanksgiving or Christmas each year with you and the other with Daniella. That's what family is all about!

Daniella said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Great shot of all of you at the Nutcracker Ice show! Would love it if we could see you guys every Christmas too!

And yes, I did totally steal your blog post title! It was what gave me the idea!