December 4, 2010

Ski Day!

I have been anxiously waiting for the weekend so that we could take the kids skiing for the first time this season.  I wasn't sure how they would do since it's been awhile since they skied, but it proved to be a great first time back.  

Before we could even get Elise and Mr. Will out of the parking lot, Braden was way ahead of us and before I knew it, he was loading himself on the ski lift.  I watched his little body go up the mountain by himself and of course panicked, but Patrick reassured me that he would be ok. He ended up more than ok.

Quite a few runs later, Braden decided that we would join the rest of the family. He is growing up fast! 
Elise was very excited about hitting the slopes (and seeing some of her friends). 
 This was Mr. Will's first time on skis and he loved it.  We didn't last too long on the mountain, but there are plenty of winter weekends left and we will be back. Perhaps tomorrow?
 I think it is time that I learn how to ski so I can keep up with my kids.


eloiza said...

Very, very cute pictures. Go Braden, William and Elise! Mommy does need to learn how to ski. Maybe Braden can teach you?

Daniella said...

What awesome pictures- esp the 1st one of Braden! I am still in awe of that fact that Braden skis by himself, ski lift and all! Can't wait to hear more about Elise and Will skiing!