December 3, 2010

Big instructor, little dude

Something about this picture of Braden at Soo Bak Do ( a form of martial arts) just warms my heart and makes me smile!  We recieved Braden's report card today and several of his teachers mentioned that he is competitive and has lots of energy (in a good way... I think).

Hmmmm.  Wonder where he gets that from?  Poor kid was doomed with parents like Patrick and I.

Random note of trivia:  Braden's Soo Bak Do teacher (pictured above) was Demi Moore's former boyfriend---after Bruce Willis, before Ashton.  And you thought small  Idaho towns were boring!


Angie Giannotti said...

I think most 6 yr old boys are competetive and full of energy :) We are just looking into signing Brennan up for karate too!!