December 27, 2010

All grown or behind on the times

When the kids are all tucked in bed (and The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars is not on), I love to read in bed.  It makes me even more giddy when Patrick reads a book next to me.  

Since college, I have been a faithful Sunset Magazine reader, yet lately I have been craving a little bit more. A little bit more design ideas.  A little bit more holiday ideas.  A little big more grown-up crafts.   

So, I have decided to buy a subscription to Martha Stewart. Yes, the same magazine that has been around for years.  I haven't wanted to buy one though since I didn't want to be a trend follower or have to like it because everyone else does.  Now, I'm ready for this big girl magazine and can't wait to receive my first one.  

Watch out house, here I come!


Daniella said...

I rarely read Martha but LOVE all the creative blogs that I bookmark. I am sure you will be even more inspired with your new subscription! Share some ideas!