November 21, 2010

Turkey day is almost here

In just a few days, my family (mom and sister's family) will be here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. We are counting down the days until they are here from sunny Arizona.  Since the kids and I have the entire week off of school, we are filling our days with wearing our pjs until lunch and doing crafts.

Thanks to being a preschool teacher, we have lots and lots of leftover Indian Corn to play with.

Step 1:  Cut a cardboard circle (thankfully we had lots of cardboard boxes leftover from our move)

Step 2:  Twist a medal hanger into a circle 

Step 3:  Attach a medal hanger to the cardboard circle with hot glue gun

Step 4:  Hot glue gun the Indian Corn to the cardboard circle

Voila!  Easy as that!!
 Now, onto planning the turkey day menu....

Happy Thanksgiving week to all of you!


eloiza said...

Beautiful wreath Suzanne. It's not a sunny day here in AZ today. Very windy, raining and cold for us. it's only 45 degrees during the day here in the mountains! Counting the hours to see you all!

Andréa Viana said...

I just love it, Suzy!
Excellent idea. It looks like a happiness home!! Beijos!!!

Daniella said...

SO excited to come for Turkey Day!!!! Can't wait. Great job on the cute project.