November 22, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

For the past two years, Patrick and Braden have attended a BSU (Boise State University) football game together. It's a pretty big deal for Braden and he will talk about it all year long.  Nothing like a little man/boy bonding.  This year, the boys went with some friends so the experience was even grander.

Combine a 6 year old boy who doesn't like his picture taken with a dad who is under  A LOT of pressure (from me) to take a picture on his iphone and you get a bad picture.  At least it was the thought that  counts.

Might I add that BSU is currently ranked #4 in the nation.  No wonder the entire city of Boise dresses up in blue and orange on game days. I have never seen such school spirit in my life and I love it!


Anna M said...

hey, the guy in the back with the orange hat on doesn't mind being in your picture.

Boise is doing AWESOME. I even heard it projected that due to strength of schedule they could jump TCU next week. I love college football!